The scarlet sails of inclusive education
18 апреля 2023

Children today have access to all kinds of information resources, various types of activities, but without a useful and humane goal, without a mentor teacher, one can easily get lost in the boundless space of knowledge and opportunities. As world pedagogical practice proves, many positive initiatives in the school community can be associated with inclusive education.

In the secondary school named after Ali Arbudu, the village of Aleksandrovka, Moskovsky district, since the fall of 2022,  the out-of-school club of inclusive education «Scarlet Sails» . There are 15 high school students in the club team. Every week, high school students meet with their little friends from the younger parallel, make crafts with them, play, spend holidays, accompany them on excursions, and help teachers in additional activities with children. As a symbol of their work, the members of the club chose scarlet sails. «This is an image of hope and our faith in goodness,» club member, ninth grader Aileen explained the meaning of the symbol. “The school has a resource room for inclusive education, created by initiative teachers — we gather there and participate in its work, and on February 17, on the International Day of Kindness, we helped our social teacher with the design of the room. Only by good deeds can you prove that you are a kind, sympathetic and good person.”

Since last year, on the basis of the inclusive education cabinet, additional classes have been held with children with disabilities as part of the «Bizdin Mektep» project, implemented by the Eurasia Foundation of Central Asia with the financial support of the Soros Foundation-Kyrgyzstan. An exhibition of children’s work was made in the office. These are animals, fruits, papier-mâché vegetables, felt houses, beads made from natural materials, applications from twigs. On April 2023, the Eurasia Foundation of Central Asia donated educational and methodological literature for the resource office, which will be a very good help for classes with children.

On April 6, 2023, the school hosted a competition among the teams of the out-of-school club. Children with disabilities were also included in each of the four teams. Schoolchildren answered questions, got acquainted with the ethics of communication with people with disabilities, learned in practice to provide situational assistance to people with impaired musculoskeletal system or vision, made a collage on tolerance and inclusion. Parents were present at the competition, they were very pleased with the performances of their children.“I even cried when I saw the performance of Aziz, my son,” said Zebo, one of the parents sitting in the audience. “Aziz answered questions with his high school comrades, and they helped him, supported him. It was evident how happy he was with his achievements and the fact that he was in the team.

As social pedagogue Dinara Abdzhunusheva emphasized, inclusive events are important for all children: “Comdrades can see that children with disabilities are no different from them: everyone plays, everyone has fun, everyone is equal.”

There are 1,300 students in this school, 12 of them are children with disabilities. There are 6 students on an individual form of education. A child with cerebral palsy is studying in the second grade. An individual curriculum and programs for academic subjects have been developed for this child. “The educational system of the school named after Ali Arbudu is aimed at developing the personality of the child, creating conditions for the socialization and self-determination of students on the basis of spiritual, moral and cultural values. Our inclusive education activities are an integral part of the school’s culture. We teachers, for our part, support the initiatives of schoolchildren. The children do everything on their own, we do not impose our opinion on them. And we see that schoolchildren come up with very interesting tasks for elementary school students”, — noted Esenbek kyzy Almash, director of the secondary school named after Ali Arbudu. “Many thanks to the Eurasia Foundation of Central Asia for the training and methodological literature organized for our teachers.”

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